Photo sessions

The make-up artist work during the photo session is an important and key factor of the team's work. Wrong make-up may make you look bad in a photo and spoil even the best picture – so it may ruin the entire team's work.

Our many years' experience has taught us that our work is not only about creativity but the technical workshop matters a lot as well. We do not underestimate our part during the photo session, we do not use the computer picture software, and we do make the photographer do the job. We create our make-ups so well that the digital improvement is only used to change something that was hidden and for the manual correction is already too late.

When we decide to create a make-up for a photo session we always make sure that we know its specific purpose and the photographer's expectations in advance. It makes it easy for us to prepare our equipment, special cosmetics, accessories and extras and it also enables us to present our idea soon enough to make the team work efficient, nice and successful.

Make-up offer:

  • no make up
  • beauty
  • fashion and artistic
  • commercial
  • wedding
  • for reportage pictures
  • for documents

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