Training courses and visage workshop for companies, business image

Image and looks is our business tool. Thoroughly created guarantees prosperity and describes successful people. AnnEvell company specializes in training groups about business image, we also deal directly with the workers personal image creating at the same time the teams image. 

Our offer aims companies and institutions that want to improve or create their business image, Front Line, office and administration workers as well as the managerial staff and directors personal visage.

Such training type may be an interesting part of integrative trips, developmental company's workshops or the way of workers' gratification.

Training offer:

Open workshops and trainings

These are  standard visage trainings, that aim to improve the skill of creating your daily look at your workplace. Based on the basic rules of business styling and make-up we show you how to create integrate and real image in an easy way. We always prepare our offer based on latest trends and market requirements so it would be as useful as possible. We want to help as many people as we possibly can.  

Close workshops and trainings

We prepare our trainings for the specific company's order, applying it to the institution’s unique need and the field of their work. We personalize our programmes, focus on specific questions, apply them to the the group's image specific needs. We also make sure it meets the training trip need too.

Personal consultation

Personal consultation are an alternative for the traditional open and close trainings. Its form, content and fulfilment matches your personal needs and expectations, e.g. when you have to change or adjust image to a new position you have just taken up. During individual sessions we carry out full  makeover with individual make-up lessons and shopping, the meetings are friendly and cosy.

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