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Family Friendly Hotel Foundation – embraces all hotels that want to take part in the programme of the highest service standard specially for families with children. The hotels must accept evaluation audit assessing their ability to receive families with children.

HASAO Animating and Training agency – company works on the event and training market, actively takes part in many prestigious sport, culture and integrative events throughout Poland. HASAO has a dance and choreography school (Show Dance, dances: the 70s, 80s, 90s, flamenco, Celtic dance, jazz, modern, broadway, funky, hip-hop, cheerleeding etc.).

CN GROUP – a company that focuses on typical actions for an event agency. The organize and perform conferences, training courses, artistic arrangements are just a part of their wide offer. The company started in 1999. In 2010 CN Group Co. was awarded with an emblem Client Friendly Company. Adrenaline Factory, Event Show, IREKO Conferences are brands belonging to the CN Group. More.

TUnŻ Warta Co. is present around Poland. Complex distribution net gives all clients easy access to its agencies. TUnŻ WARTA representatives are agents working within their own net system. Their offer reaches individual clients and companies. The net consists of agents, branches, brokers, multi-agents and insurance agents. More.

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